Assetto Corsa Wet Mod

  • Sim: Assetto Corsa
  • Mod-Author: Alberto Fracasso
  • In Game?: No
  • DLC: No


Proudly present you the AC Wet Mod, with custom particles (even online), custom water tarmac texture with reflexes and custom physics.

What?s included
Included wet variation of 9 Kunos fully multiplayer usable tracks mostly with 32 pits (see pictures below) , wet particles, custom physics tested out to give a nice feedback to the wheel and add immersion, plus 7 custom standard weathers with the purposely revamped ?Mid Clouds? and ?Heavy Clouds? (the rest from Natural Mod). From the physics side he had good feedback from very good Sim Racers out there, you?ll have to rethink your braking points and bias, and the overall alignment too.

1- Via JGSM.exe, simply unrar the archive in the main AC folder (steamapps/common/assettocorsa/) then open JGSM.exe, select Wet Mod e press the right arrow to activate it. Remember to deactivate it before upgrading the mod to newer versions.

2- Remember to enable reflexes in the graphics settings at least with minimum refresh rate (static looks meh) and with medium reflection detail at least. Use Natural Mod as post processing filter to harvest a little extra fps and looks.

3- Enable Smoke Generation if you want the car to spray water.

4-In game turn the dirt sound to 2 or 3.

Known Issues
? Find your correct graphics settings to run the mod: you?ll have to own a decent rig to run a full grid of cars with this mod on so experiment yourself.
? FWD grip really is an understeery nightmare. The mod has been designed for RWD cars.
? You might want to adjust the FFB levels in game in the Wet Tracks with + on the numpad to gain the lost torque.
? If you find the AI to be too strong try editing the ai_hints.ini in the data folder of the given track and lowering the values :

[HINT_0] START=0.001
VALUE=0.71 (lower this value for weaker ai)

? Laguna Seca (W.i.p.)
? Low water version as seen in this screenshot below

He spent a lot of time putting this together and the mod is, and always will be free. If you feel like buying him a coffee, please donate here.

Credits: A.Fracasso



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