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Last updated on Dezember 28th, 2019 at 07:24 am

So you’ve seen a lot of videos and thought it looks interesting? If you’re new to Simracing or want to get started soon, Serta’s going to give you some tips on the right hardware and software for a beginner, and what costs you can expect. Here’s WromWrom’s beginner’s guide to SimRacing

Which Sims are available? 3:39
Racing Wheels: 10:20
Costs: 13:17
Three monitors vs. VR: 14:20
First steps in SimRacing: 15:36

Here’s the table of the sims shown in the video:

Click to enlarge
Corrected Day/Night Cycle in Automobilista – contrary to what I say in the cideo it DOES have it.


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