Zhuhai International Circuit

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Hi Guys

Here we have another track from me, again with a complete texture update.

Up until a few days ago I hadn’t even heard of the track and was asked if I would be interested in updating this track.

Just after a few laps I knew this could be a really good track to race on.

I’m not going to list every update because again here I have just about replaced every texture that matters and added a few things here and there.

Hope you guys like, have fun :)

Known issues:

Fortunately this track has very few, most of them I have being able to fix.

Some building textures share the same texture as other objects like the main pit building has the same texture as the main grandstand but this looks good.
The buildings are probably a bit dated but overall this track looks really good with some really nice scenery as you race around the track.
Then the track only supports day to late afternoon racing times.

Should you have any problems or want to help improve the track or have any suggestions you can use the support section above.
You can also use the private conversation to contact me and I would be happy to help.

If you like this track your review would be highly appreciated but please remember that I have not changed or added any objects, altered the layout or the mechanics of this track.


  • Always backup!
  • Download zip file
  • Open zip file
  • Unpack and copy / paste/install

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