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First public version of my Zolder track made from scratch. It was my first ever track, basically I had zero modeling experience before. It took longer than I expected, either because of school or work or just laziness. I admire everybody who makes tracks or cars because it is really a lot of work with all the small stuff around the track and details. If I had to start again, I would probably do it differently, but we learn as we go.

Track was made using map images, photos and other stuff available publicly, which was sometimes hard to find.

I hope you enjoy it either as Zolder or just some random track, I tried to do my best.

Big thanks to luchian, NightEye, LilSki, Rigel and many others I forgot.

Known bugs:
– Not recommended for leagues yet. Track is not fully tested.
– Missing some buildings
– Missing track edge texture
– Optimization

Track has 43 pitboxes

Thanks for any appreciation.

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