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Greetings petrolheads!

This is a young community, and as such we can use all help we can get!
If you are willing to help, and see yourself in at least one of this positions, please DO let us know!

WordPress specialist
Do you know your way around a WordPress Site?
Do you know how to setup a WordPress module?
Let us know!

Article Author
Are you good at writing articles?
Do you have a good grasp of english, german or spanish?
Let us know!

Social Media Manager
So, Twitter doesn’t scare you, you know your way around Instagram and you laugh at the vagaries of a Facebook administration page?
Tumblr is not what you do when you trip and Steam is more to you than hot water?
Let us know!

Your grasp of english is as good as your grasp of german or spanish?
Ist das wahr?
Lo prometes?
Or you want to translate to any other language? So desu ka? KAWAIIIIIIIII!
Let us know!

WordPress Developer
PHP? WordPress?
Variables, constants, IF statements, POST, REST, SOAP?
Let us know!

Game Server Admin
You set up an Assetto Corsa Server while reading a Mod README
Are not scared of letting 40 people use the pits and
know your way around AMS or RF2 too?
Let us know!