CART Extreme Turbo Edition

  • Sim: Automobilista
  • Autor del Mod: Joshums Anderson
  • Made for: Touring
  • En la sim?: No
  • DLC: No
  • From Year: 1998
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Last updated on julio 3rd, 2018 at 06:56 am

NB: This is a stand alone mod and is intended to be able to work alongside the original CART Extreme without mismatches on online servers, thouh as of version 1.25 this has not been tested extensively. If you suffer mismatches after installing this mod please let me know.

Recently I’ve been working on implementing working turbochargers into CART Extreme for Automobilista and I feel I’ve got it to a stage where I can let it loose on the general public.

All cars have been modified to use all-new turbo physics, as well as including engine mapping physics, with 4 settings for oval courses and 5 for road courses. Turbo physics have also been applied, with a historically-accurate 1.35bar of turbo pressure.

All cars use their real life chassis/engine combos, but to aid league use each car has a HDV available for each engine choice, though some of these are not used by real life cars.

5 engine mixture maps are included, which grant higher RPM limits and more power in exchange for increased engine wear and fuel use. These cannot be changed in car; mixes 3-5 are primarily meant to be used in qualifying whereas 1 and 2 are intended for race use.

It’s recommended to not shift too much higher than 14400RPM on higher boost/RPM limit settings in race, as these engines were historically quite fragile. I’ve improved the longevity of them to compensate for the turbo physics but abuse them at your peril as they might just go bang

I’ve also simplified the GEN system so only one file for the Swift, Lola and Penske, and one for each Reynard engine combo is included (so no separate AAR/Team Green interiors as of this build, but this could be included in future releases).

Versions prior to V1.25 required the removal of folders in the CART Extreme folder. This is no longer required, so if you have a version of CART Extreme: Turbo Edition prior to V1.25, please delete this and install V1.25 instead as many changes have been made.

I’d love feedback on this so I can make it even better. Happy racing!



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