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Autdromo Internacional de Codegua version beta 0.3

Track originally created by Mauricio Hervé for rFactor, and converted, with permission, to Assetto Corsa by Joaquin Petit Saa

This track features:
-24 pitboxes
-6 layouts
-Physical mesh for better FFB
-Semaphores similar to the real ones
-A lot of details added and fixes made in the original track, to add more immersion and make it more similar to the real track

Some bugs I will try to fix in future versions:
-Some bumps, especially in the first chicane
-Collision on the pits structures
-Some textures bug
-Some bugs (I dont know if polygons or vertices) in the pits structures
-Add TV cams

Many thanks to @Zanko Maldonado for the pics of the track

If you like this track, and want to support me, you can donate. Any donations will be really appreciated and will help me to build a PC to keep working in this, since I made this conversion in a notebook that can barely run AC

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