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The hillclimb of “Le Mont-Dore” is a very famous event of the championship of France and Europe created in 1960. It takes place in Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand. It is 5.1 km long.
It’s an improved conversion of my old track for GTL and Rfactor.

I hope you enjoy the technical and winding course and will be stunned to learn that the record is around 2’12 “…

All car categories or almost have rolled on this track, it will be easy in Assetto to find matching vehicles.

There are 15 places in the pits. The map is available, the chrono works and the AIs remain well on the road, remains to regulate their performance compared to yours …
The hotlap is also functional.
The sets are those of the 2012 race, faithfully reproduced.

Thank you to report to me the possible concerns, to correct them if I have the capacity.
Known defect, but not resolved: the slides bounce the car after contact … yet they are named as it should: 1WALL …

Any modification and conversion is prohibited
Many people blame barriers for not stopping cars … It’s just unrealistic. They are small posts with wire mesh … No safety rails.
Here is a video that shows that the driver does not feel anything, passing these fences … And in addition we do not leave after a road trip in this kind of race.

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