Mercedes Benz A-Class

  • Sim: Assetto Corsa
  • Autor del Mod: ACR
  • Made for: Drift, Street Car
  • From Year: 2000
  • En la sim?: No
  • DLC: No
  • Maker: Mercedes
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From the Creator (Adriano):

It’s been a long journey. What started as a joke with a friend while sitting at a bar has become an incredible project that has involved tens of people from all around the world. I have got to know many absolute legends that have contributed to bringing this stupid piece of German metal to be an insane track weapon, drift missile and – well – a pretty ok hot hatch I guess?
Huge, huge thanks to my man Brendon Lee Barnard, a newborn star in data crunching and general miracle working, who’s made an absolute grip monster out of the F1 version. The man is good, I’m telling you!
Big props to my fellow pizza mandolino drift maniac Francesco Cuccia, for all the suggestions on the drift build and for bringing the good out of the boring stock version
Thanks to Peter Smith, Jone Klemo Overland and Norman Leslie for the astonishing shots.
And finally thanks to whoever decided to jump onto the train of madness and helped me get to my first semi-serious release!
Bring this monstrosity out on the track and enjoy!


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