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Hi Guys Here we have my 3rd track upload, the famous and fast Sepang GP Circuit. Known for it’s fast corners and good overtaking places, this is also on my favorite track list. When I first got this track I honestly did not think that it would be possible to convert it so that it looks like something decent. This track was in a very poor state with most of the textures being so blurry, then some were totally wrong so I had no choice but to replace every single one. With just over 350 new textures this track has had a massive make over. Every texture that you can see in game is new, most of them have being custom made from scratch by myself for this track. I’m not going to list every update because the entire track, on and off, including all buildings, pit garages, pit boxes, you name it, it’s new. Hope you guys like, have fun Known issues:

Fortunately this track has very few that you will notice.

One or two logos are back to front, minor issue that you you don’t really notice.

I’ve used a plain off white wall texture for the main pit building because if you were to use a rectangular textured panel like the original track the panels don’t align at all. Also on the one side I have left the windows out for the same reason, the don’t allign from side to side.
This way the building stays and looks clean.

I’ve designed custom garages and pit boxes for all teams, I think two of the garages will have duplicate one’s because of the extra garages.

Pit garages are not all in order but their pit boxes do match them.

There are one or two issues with some of the objects but these you honestly don’t notice unless you want to drive very slowly around the track.

All logos are perfectly centered except for the over hanging Petronas Primax logo on the main straight. It’s slightly off center because if you move it just one more click to the left then that part blurs all the way to the edge.

At the moment there is only day time skies and race time settings available. I tried so many different setup varieties with night skies and this is the only one that works with the track as it is.
If someone has the know how to make these changes your help is wanted and am sure that we would all appreciate it. You can contact me via the conversation.

Otherwise this track is just pure awesome to race and with all the updates I can say that it’s definitely one of my favorite tracks for AMS now.

Installation Guide:

  • Back up your F-Ultimate Car file if necessary.
  • Download AMS Formula Ultimate 2017 Sounds mod and install (optional)
  • Download Sepang GP Circuit
  • Install, copy & paste
  • I have incuded the commonmapsgsc mas file in this download for the track to load, if you already have this file just allow to overwrite, it’s the same one.
  • Have fun and enjoy the track!

Should you have any problems or want to help improve the track or have any suggestions you can use the support section above.
You can also use the private conversation to contact me and I would be happy to help.

If you like this track your review would be highly appreciated but please remember that I have not changed or added any objects, altered the layout or the mechanics of this track.

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