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Not only do we know that some of you like to relax with a Simcade, we do that ourselves in between SimRaces. Therefore we are sure many of you will be interested in knowing that the F1 2018 game will be released on the 24th of August coinciding with the always glorious Spa F1 GP.

Further to that, Codemasters have also given a peek at what there will be to see and play in the game. The Career Mode is going to be expanded further and more classic F1 cars will be available, eg the 2009 Brawn BGP-001 or the 2003 Williams FW25 – but those two are part of a DLC and only available in game to those who pre-order the game (and it seems you can not pre-order on Steam, at least we haven’t found a way to do so).

While there is an official video, not much more has been released in terms of information. So we’ll have to wait what else Codemasters are going to let us know in the next weeks or months.

At the E3, Game Director Lee Mather gave some more details about what the game will bring:
First of all you will be able to deactivate the central bar of the “Halo” if you have dfficulties driving with it.
During your F1 career, you will be interviewed and can choose from pre-conceived answers. Your answers will influence your career, how your team and how other other teams react to you. Sounds similar to what Motorsport Manager does, although we suppose it’s going to be more cinematic in F1 2018.
Codemasters have also thought of some details that make F1 2018 a bit more realistic. If you wish you can take over DRS management completely, tire and suspension models have benn changed towards a more realistic feeling.
With regards to multiplayer, F1 2018 will try to match you with drivers at your level. Let’s see if Codemasters have been able to solve this very elusive problem that others (Project Cars 2, GT Sport, SRS up to a point) have been trying to crack for a long while with mixed results.

What do you think? Is this enough for you to pre-order? Are you looking forward to the new installment of the F1 game? Let us know in the comments or on the forum!