Cabo do Mundo

  • Sim: Assetto Corsa
  • In Game?: No
  • DLC: No
  • Made for: Go Kart
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Last updated on April 14th, 2018 at 12:36 pm

Not much to say. First time trying RTB and came up with this track since i drove it a lot. Located in Leía da Palmeira, in Porto, it’s a track where several competitions occur every year. You can bring your own kart or you can rent one and have fun with a group or alone. It’s a fun track, very fast and competitive. With fast corners and faster straights.
Several layouts are possible but I have made only one that reflects all the times I were there driving and it’s the longest one.
I tried all karts and the Formula Student and it’s a nice feeling of speed. You can also use it as a drift track without any problems. Works very nice with VR without performance issues on a normal computer that can run Assetto Corsa.
A TV Camera is included but not perfect. If anyone does better camera views, please let me include them and share the credits.
Please comment if you find any mistakes or critical bugs. I don’t have too much time but will look into it as soon as possible. Have fun.
Note: i am not a professional modder of some kind. Just thought about giving RTB a spin and remembered of this track that made me have so much fun in the past. I am trying to find other Portuguese tracks that could be made.


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