Ligier JS8

  • 1: Assetto Corsa
  • Mod-Author: gary J. Paterson
  • Made for: Street Car
  • From Year: 1982
  • In Game?: No
  • DLC: No
  • Maker: Ligier
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Here we are. I didn’t spend much time on this, not aiming for perfection by any stretch. But its reasonably decent, few bits missing that I don’t really care about (dirt/damage etc).
Has most of the good stuff, full set of LODs, full suspension and driver animations, reasonable care taken to ensure it runs well.

Includes 2 variants:

  • Stock, 7.5hp
  • Engine-swapped, 25hp

Also, please turn on Auto-Gearbox when driving the stock version. IRL it has a CVT, which is not something possible in AC. Instead I’ve just given it the maximum number of gears to ensure its at peak power as much as possible.
Just hit CTRL+G when you start a session and you’re good to go!

Known issues which will stop it ever reaching V1.0:

  • AI are slow
  • No dirt/damage
  • CVT emulation is janky as hell
  • Someone left their baguette on the front parcel-shelf

P.S. I profusely apologise to anyone from France, I just copied some of the things they said in the Brochure for the car description – It may or may not make sense.


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