Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit

  • Sim: Assetto Corsa
  • Mod-Author: ego1st
  • Made for: permanent
  • From Year: fictional
  • In Game?: No
  • DLC: No
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Old Spanish Trail Highway Circuit is fantasy track, based on real life location in California desert, near the Old Spanish Trail Highway, hence the name of the track. You can check out the location’s street view here. Background story is that circuit was made in 1970s and abandoned right after the testing, so tarmac and basic safety barriers are in place. Other than that, not much else. Track is really wide and fast, because I made it for hypercars, especially Koenigsegg in mind. But that thing is still too fast, 360 km/h and still not enough straight line. There are 26 pitboxes and 2 DRS zones.

This is my second mod track, some of you might have seen the first one, Roller Coaster Race Circuit. OSTH Circuit is complete opposite of RCRC – wide, fast and not much to look at, except tarmac and desert sagebrushes. I made some bumps outside the racing line to make it somewhat more interesting.

Driving with hyper cars feels right. GT3 has relaxing flow, but F1 becomes boring – most of the track is just flat out.

My favourite part of the track is the first chicane – you can take it at 250km/h with GT3 cars.

Since I rotate my projects, this is not yet finished, but don’t expect much more for v1.0. I plan to add some more skidmarks in corners, and some unfinished construction sites, abandoned buildings etc. For now – happy racing!


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