Ferrari Piero T2 LM Stradale

  • Sim: Assetto Corsa
  • Mod-Author: Eugen, Nigel May
  • Made for: Sports Prototype
  • From Year: 2025
  • In Game?: No
  • DLC: No
  • Maker: Ferrari
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Introducing the Ferrari inspired Ferrari Piero T2 LM Stradale for Assetto Corsa
Ferrari Piero T2 Stradale:
What if Ferrari went back to Le Mans in 2025 and decided to adapt a limited number of its Le Mans racers for road use. In Italian we say “Stradale”.

The Piero T2: is a twin micro turbine electric hybrid.
It has 2 micro turbines that charge a battery pack when running in idle, but the micro turbines can also be used for thrust in straight parts of a track. To do so the micro turbines use electric activators that spin up the revs of the micro turbines quickly when needed.
The Piero T2 also uses active aero-dynamics to maximise down force when and where needed.

Project Team Details:
Original Designer : Marcello Raeli

Project Commissioner: Nigel May
Lead Mod Dev: Eugen
Physics and Handling Developer: Perfect Balance
Dev Support: Gift Horse Mouth Studios

Project History:
Following on from the hugely successful Ferrari F80 mod, I felt a deep longing to return back to the equally stunning and important master piece by Marcello Raeli.
This cars design resonates in so many ways, from the allure of automation, endless speed, to the sleek space voyage capsule type cockpit.
This futuristic design deserves to be known and driven.
The ideal is this new shape and connection to technology on the track can be looked at and played with by the younger generation that there are many new wonderment ahead for, in areas of, Automation, intelligent systems which appear human,  even new race tracks on new worlds such as Mars is firmly on the to do list!
The car is Scratch built with all rights reserved to the original author Mr Marcello Raeli
Project Status:
Currently the project consists of a scratch built model, version 1.0.1 which was complete with tinted cockpit was never published
Further details will be improved and finalised.
My Motivation:
To bring the heart and minds of the younger generation closer to the perfection of this design and shape by making the car alive and pushing forward what is expected from automobile and technology.

Additional information:
The Ferrari Piero T2 LM Stradale for Assetto Corsa is a work in progress with the current interior and experience not a finished item. This projects goal is to assist the original designer with visibility of what could be possible.

Aug to Sep (2018) change log is open with no open tasks,  but will be populated on feedback(s) shortly.
Project is dedicated to the memory of Sergio Marchionne ((June 17, 1952 ? July 25, 2018))
Update: 7th Aug 2018: 18:00
[Pending Change Log for Aug] – AO Maps.
– Rear Tail (Red / White?) automatic raise, Over ride “on/off”, manual “Raise / Lower”.
– Ferrari clothing update.
– SM dedication (cockpit internal)
– Turbine Boost implementation effort.
Known updates but not allocated to que at this time.
– Rear view display technology in cockpit.
– Community Updates. / Handling updates / Sound.
Update: 11th Aug 2018: 13:53
[Pending Change Log for Aug] – Rear ground plate adjustment, to make harder to clip or submerge ground surface.

1st Oct 2018
LMP physics REV1 update booked.
Sound update booked.

Any other details?
The ideal is to match the quality of the F80 in impression and delivery, this may take some time.. and a number of further refinements, items such as rear-view display do not appear in the original design, this car has a hidden potential, and we want to see it born out for automobile, for the passion that drive us all.


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